Monday, November 10, 2008

This should have been sent last Friday, but other stuff got the better of me. Anyhow, here's last weeks "interesting stuff":

  • The reason why we have iterations: Early Pain

  • An example of a simple TODO language implemented in Mg. For those use to parsers, BNFs etc, this will be an easy read. For those that haven't come across such things, it's a nice introduction.

  • How SanDisk's ExtremeFFS works. Bets on how long it is before Joe gets one :)

  • A nice summary of PDC. Thanks, John - saves me writing it!

  • Access to the ETW APIs from .Net using NTrace. Not used it yet, but suspect this is worth keeping an eye on.

  • A new TFS Power Tools release. Surprised that Obama got quite so much press coverage considering that this came out the same week.

  • Code Contracts in C# (well, any .Net language in fact). It's due out with .Net 4.0, but it also looks like it works with VS2008. Getting into the habit of declaring the intent of your code in this way can only be a good thing - it helps out with documentation, static analysis, runtime checks and gives Pex something to get its teeth into.

  • A good reality check on some of the hype going on about Oslo right now.

  • Hadi is twittering. Hell has also frozen over.

  • For those of you with a media center and an iPhone / iPod touch, this is cool. I've been running it for a week or so (before this review came out), and although at $6 it's one of the most expensive iPhone apps I've bought, it's a load cheaper than the wireless mouse / keyboard that I would have bought otherwise.

  • Should we put comments in our code? Neal Ford has shares his views here - not sure I entirely agree with him, but I do respect his opinion and it's hard to refute his reasoning. Some of the comments are pretty decent, so it's worth reading the whole page.