Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly digest of interesting stuff

  • News that the D language that is part of the up-coming Oslo release has been renamed to M.  Wonder what that stands for?
  • Silverlight 2 goes RTM.  Various useful links: 
  • Changing extensions in IIS 7 - the post is about removing the .svc extension, but the method used works for pretty much any type of URL renaming that you want to perform
  • A Channel9 video discussing the provider model in LINQ.  I've not watched it yet, but Erik Meyer is a smart guy and normally worth watching.  Beware of his shirts though, they are normally pretty shocking!
  • Apple released updates to their MacBook & MacBook Pro lines.  These are nice looking machines, and with bootcamp they will run Vista just fine.  They aren't the cheapest laptops around, but they do compare reasonably well on price with other manufacturers for similar specs / designs.

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